Energy services

Nowadays, more than ever before, there is an increasing need in the public and commercial sector for energy efficiency, renewable energy and carbon reduction.

Saving energy is dictated by both the Kyoto Protocol and the need for cost effectiveness as well as the rational use of available resources.

AKTOR Facility Management is at the forefront of low carbon economy through delivering sustainable solutions to public and private sector organizations.

We are confident that alternative, clean and renewable energy sources can help reduce your energy costs and decrease your carbon emissions.

AKTOR’s FM in-depth knowledge of the energy markets and the evolving regulatory environment enables us to develop exactly the appropriate strategy, manage the implementation and deliver guaranteed improvements in performance.

Our Energy management experts adopt a holistic approach, suggest solutions which are in line with the latest energy efficiency policies and assist you in achieving your sustainability goals.

Our aim is to deliver highly efficient energy optimization services and innovative technical solutions in order to reduce energy consumption and to address customer affordability issues.

AKTOR FM is an expert in energy optimization by offering, among other, the following energy efficiency services:


  • Energy audits and issue of Energy Certificates, following the KENAK (Greek Regulation for the Energy Efficiency of Buildings) directives.


This audit conducted by AKTOR’s FM specialists, includes a range of on and off-site energy assessments and surveys which provide useful advice about energy-efficient forms of consumption, potential areas for savings etc.

Such evaluations play a key role in order to provide professional guidance on implementing improvements.


  • LEED, DGNB, MINERGIE standards


LEED® (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design) is a program that provides third-party verification of green buildings. LEED is transforming the way we think about how our buildings and communities are designed, constructed, maintained and operated across the globe. It is a green building tool that addresses the entire building lifecycle, recognizing best-in-class building strategies.


The DGNB® System provides an objective description and assessment of the sustainability of buildings and urban districts. Due to its flexibility, it can be tailored precisely to various uses of a building and even country-specific requirements. The outstanding fulfillment of up to 50 sustainability criteria out of the quality sections of ecology, economy, socio-cultural aspects, technology, process work flows and site are certified.


The MINERGIE®-Standard is widely accepted because of its objective-oriented approach: If architects and engineers can meet the standard, they have complete freedom not only in their design and choice of materials but also in their choice of internal and external building structures. Apart from the general requirements such as a ventilation system and moderate extra costs, a detailed quantitative proof of energy performance -for heating, hot water, ventilation and air conditioning- is delivered (MINERGIE®-Certification).


  • Energy expertise on new products and technologies, to enable planning, design and construction or refurbishments.


Renewables: We can advise you on what technology will perform best in each location, and where your investment will be most effective.

Moreover, we can design, install and maintain renewable technologies such as photovoltaic, solar thermal energy, biomass and heat pumps.

LED technology for indoor and street light: We offer extensive theoretical know-how and leading-edge experience regarding totally customized LED technology solutions.

Water management: We provide consultancy, design and construction for a wide spectrum of rainwater harvesting systems and greywater recycling systems, for both residential and commercial applications.


  • Thermal comfort via optimizing building envelope.


Eco-insulation: We suggest innovative material or methods as an alternative to regular insulating material derived from petroleum.

Efficient glazing: High-tech products to reduce energy consumption from heating and air-conditioning in all types of buildings.

Air tightness: Because of unwanted air infiltration that generates huge costs to owners in environmental, financial and health terms, most existing – even recently constructed- buildings are far from being airtight.

We follow special methods to resist the ‘leakiness’ of the building fabric.

Infrared thermography: Identification of Eddy current losses, thermal bridges and condensation risks.

Condensation can reduce the performance of insulation and affect a building’s integrity. To predict potential condensation before installing insulation, a Condensation Risk Analysis can be performed. Determining the risk in a building depends on the components of the assembly, the     order in which they appear in the construction, the building’s use and its geographical location.


  • Green roofs: the contemporary energy optimization solution.


 The Hellenic ecosystem green roof has been developed and especially designed for Mediterranean buildings. It is suitable for earthquake zones and it is a lightweight, modular, self – sustaining and permanently portable and waterproof solution. It doesn’t require intervention or maintenance for any post installment.


AKTOR FM in association with its specialized partner Oikosteges provides unique, innovative solutions for urban heat island mitigation, in conjunction with city wide, individual building heating and cooling load reduction. Another crucial aspect of this collaboration, which is based on the use of the patented Oikosteges 8 green roofing approach, is urban water management and its impact on the micro-climate and ambient city temperature. OS8 is a fully portable, lego-like green roof technology and is proven to be the definition of versatility. The advantages of this technology are unique: it is super lightweight (20 kg/m2 wet), permanently portable, it can be built one square meter at a time as budget allows and it can be easily transported from one location to another. OS8 is an ever-lasting Greek ecosystem which requires no maintenance, a low to no irrigation and performs excellent as a totally sustainable solution for buildings.


  • Innovative energy monitoring and remote energy management for every infrastructure, regardless of its size, at a very competitive cost, using the smart grids applications.