Energy optimization


AKTOR FM is responsible for a series of actions, in order to improve power quality of ELLAKTOR electrical installation. These actions are expected to deliver multiple benefits for the particular building.
More specifically, AKTOR FM undertakes all works, with a view to saving energy, improving local power-to-heat ratios (for harmonics and idle currents) and reducing current and voltage harmonics, in order to avoid pollution of the electrical installation of the building, as well as further subsequent losses.
Moreover, AKTOR FM is responsible for measures to improve the efficiency of not only engines (due to minimization of levorotatory electromagnetic moments, caused by harmonics) but also the power adapter, as well as for works towards reducing copper and iron losses.
Last but not least, AKTOR FM minimizes idle currents of the load power cables, so as to reduce any heat losses.

National Bank of Greece - Akadimias 68

AKTOR FM is responsible for all energy upgrading works of the Bank of Greece building Akadimias 68. 
More specifically, AKTOR FM supports the lighting system upgrading with LED bulbs and motion sensors located in public areas.
Furthermore, AKTOR FM is involved with upgrading the HVAC system, applied not only, exclusively to new heat pumps, but also in the combination of heat pumps with a water-cooled cooler, of the highest energy efficiency, as well as with a Cooling Tower.
There are also works carried out in the air/ air exchanger of the air handling unit (AHT) located on the 8th floor of the office complex. Other works include setting fresh air delivery to all AHT, and replacement of the feed pumps with new ones, which are controlled by Variable Speed Drives (VSD).
Finally, AKTOR FM serves upgrading and expansion of the automation system, by placing loggers and sensors for measuring / control of TCG systems , creating operating scenarios, taking into account external conditions, and what is more, by creating a special energy consumption database.