Data Centers

AKTOR’s FM long experience in the demanding field of Data Centers facility management enables us to undertake similar projects, by having the advanced know-how and exceptional performance required. Our technical team is responsible for the preventive, predictive and corrective maintenance of all electromechanical installation infrastructure and civil systems.  

The 6 ongoing projects are the Data Centers of:

  • National Bank of Greece (NBG)
  • Hellenic Exchanges Group (HELEX)
  • ELLAKTOR Group
  • COSMOTE (2 Data Centers)
  • Germanos Group


Additionally AKTOR FM provides the below specialized services for critical IT centers:

  • Adjusting operating parameters according to current techniques and norms (e.g. ASHRAE standards).
  • Evaluation of White Spaces operating system through CFD analysis (Computational Fluid Dynamics).
  • Introduction of communication protocols for the collaboration between IT and FM teams (e.g. DCIM platform).
  • Consulting services for the optimization of PUE.